Do you want a website with compelling copy & dreamy design?

Awesome! Let’s collaborate and make your dreams come true. I love helping solopreneurs, small service-based businesses, and non-profits clearly communicate through strategic design & copywriting.

Today could be the last day you struggle with your DIY website.

The most frustrating thing is finding a studio that can not only build a beautiful website, but can write delicious, drool worthy copy, too. There are plenty of studios that can build a gorgeous site, but then the project comes to a screeching halt while they’re waiting for the content. You either end up using the copy from your old site that you don’t even like, or you lose sleep trying to write new copy. 

Buuut, it’s still not really what you want.

Investing in a new site suddenly isn’t as exciting as it was when you sent the deposit and now you’re feeling a little bummed about the process.

It’s discouraging when you feel like maybe you aren’t going to get the most out of your investment after all. You started off feeling hopeful that a new site would bring in new leads and level up your business, but now you feel like you might just have bought really expensive lipstick for your pig.

Banish your blandish website

No piggy lipstick here. Projects begin with a strategic copywriting brief. I’ll give you some homework and then you and I chat for about an hour to get clear on your ideal customer, Unique Selling Proposition (USP), your services, and website goals.

Then I go off and do some customer voice research to truly understand you and your clients’ pain points. After that, we’ll work on a design to support your message and attract your customers.

The result is a website with your message more defined than lip liner in the 90’s. A website that is 100% you. 100% ready to attract and convert your ideal client, and absolutely full of your brand’s personality.

In short, it’s *almost* as amazing as you.



Marketing and SEO-friendly website copy written to clarify your message and make your services irresistible to your ideal customer.

Visual Identity

A visual identity will create a cohesive look and build the foundation of your brand. Marketing materials support and amplify your message.

Web Design

A new or refreshed WordPress or Squarespace website that conveys what you do, appeals to your audience, and makes it easy for them to decide to get in touch with you.

Wondering where I learned this stuff?

I earned my degree in creative writing from CSUEB. After over 10 years of freelance writing fiction and blogging, I learned amazing conversion copywriting techniques from CopyHackers as well as Belinda Weaver’s Confident Copywriting group.

I also have a degree in Graphic and Interactive Design from Foothill College and have worked with multiple small businesses to elevate their visual identities and websites.

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Photo of Beth Cardwell smiling and standing outside in a park

Few people take a conversion copy first approach to designing a website…
Anyone can write some words explaining your business but few people will understand how to get in the mind of your ideal client and persuade them to get in touch with you.

We’ll do a deep dive into your vision and I’ll convert it into words and a design that’s 100% you….
Your vision is the heart of your business and deserves words and a visual identity that are clear and cohesive. Understanding your value proposition and how you serve your audience ensures every word I write and every design I create is attractive and engaging.

Your website will literally speak to your ideal client with clear messaging designed to sell on a beautiful website.

There are a lot of people who offer website services without getting to know anything about your business aside from how many pages you want, what functions you want, and ask you for all your branding and content to put on the website. I’m not one of those. I absolutely enjoy getting to know my clients and their business. I love understanding what problems you and your client have so we can solve them.

Studio Partners

A woman goes over color swatches and magazines with another woman. We only see the second woman's hands.

Awesome people I’ve enjoyed working on website projects with as a team

Logo for KC Copy

Katie Crouch, KC Copy

Katie and I met in the Confident Copywriting group and she hired me to create her logo and branding. When I decided to focus on designing only, it was clear that I needed to work with Katie to bring my clients stellar copywriting!

Logo for Virtual Design

Rachel Muraca, Virtual Design

Need a website with more functionality than what I offer? I’ll do the logo & brand design and then hand off your brand guidelines to Rachel to implement!

Together, we will get clear on the goals and messaging for your website copy and design. I listen carefully and make sure that I fully understand your vision and needs so that I can craft the right messages for your business.

Once we agree on the copy and design briefs, I go deep into research mode to make sure I understand your customer’s voice (this can include interviews when desired.) I make sure all of this aligns with the visual identity and design that will turn leads into an engaged audience.

Kind Words From Awesome Clients

I tried the DIY route for my website, but got to the point where I just needed professional help. Bethany came to the rescue and not only took care of the back end stuff that had been frustrating me, but she took the design to the next level! With elegant tweaks and creative attention to detail, she produced a lovely, functioning website that captured the clean, branded look that I was envisioning. I am so grateful. She was wonderful to work with.

Estefania Garcia

WriterType Copywriting

A friend recommended Beth at Cardwell Web Design Studio to me – I also booked her based on her site and her other web designs. The experience of working with her was fun and it was easy to communicate with her and give feedback. She has a good eye and I really love my updated website. The final product expresses my personality, blending old and new career directions, and the color palette and images she selected are perfect. I definitely recommend her!

Amelia Weinreb

Author & Educator

Beth was a joy to work with! If another project comes up, we won’t hesitate to reach out to her again!

Alisha H.

Senior Administrative Assistant, SVP Tucson

I had an old and outdated website and was in need of fast action to produce a modern website that accurately reflected my business services and my personality behind the brand. I booked Beth because of her in-depth research skills and passion for delivering exactly what I want in a site. Beth’s patience and understanding when I change my mind is also greatly appreciated. She sets clear expectations and delivers against commitments. There are no surprises and it’s wonderful. I find the whole experience, from moodboard to published site, fantastic. Working with Beth is fun and she asks all of the right questions to get to the heart of how I want my business represented. I’d 100% recommend her!

Sheryl Marymount

CEO, Cherry Top Talent

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