Who Am I Anyway?


I’m Bethany and it’s my goal to help solopreneurs, small service-based businesses, and mission-driven non-profits to clearly communicate their products and services through strategic web design and copywriting so they can ‘wow’ their audience and leave a lasting impression.

As a solopreneur myself, I understand what it’s like to build a business and want it to look, sound, and feel like you. That’s why I started Cardwell Web Design Studio as a creative, collaborative business that offers full-service web and graphic design, plus copywriting, so you can achieve your branding and marketing goals too.

I enjoy what I do because I love helping people. I started my career in special education for that reason. After a decade of doing that rewarding work – and obtaining a degree in creative writing at the same time – I felt it was time for a change. So I went back to school for web and graphic design.

Now, my work merges my love of words and design and helps people like you reach their personal and business goals. And if I get to work with an organization that is helping others in some way, well, that’s the caramel in my latte!

Image of Beth smiling with trees visible in the background

So, you may be looking for someone who can design a logo that captures the visual identity of your business.

Or you may need someone to build you an eye-catching, functioning website that is easy to navigate. Perhaps you want someone who is good with words to expertly get your message and information across.

Whatever you need, I can help. 

I use all the skills in my tool belt to create an end product that is well designed and well written. My thoughtful, detail-oriented designs and action-driven copy ensure a consistent look and voice across all your brand and marketing materials. I strive to create this for every one of my clients.

You work directly with me on every step – from our first call to final delivery.

I get excited with you as your project comes together. I celebrate with you when you finally see online or on your business card what you’ve been imagining.

What’s most important to me is that you get exactly what you envision with personal service and friendly communication. 

When I’m not helping my clients change the world, I’m making art or exploring outdoors with my two daughters and my husband where we live in the San Francisco Bay Area, or re-watching the Gilmore Girls for the bazillionth time. I’m also a bit of a Broadway musical lover, so one singular sensational bonus point if you caught the song title on this page.

Want to work together?

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