Amelia Weinreb Website Design


  • Redesign a website in WordPress done by another designer
  • Create a landing page for a book launch
  • Create an online presence so that it was easy for people to understand who she is and what she does


  • We started by talking about her job, book, and how she envisioned her site.
  • Competitor research to ensure the website was unique, but still fit into the expectations of an academic and author’s website.
  • Updated colors from her books to work well together and were consistently and appropriately used for the website and landing page.


  • A unique website (including a landing page for her book launch) that is colorful and lets visitors know who she is and what she does.
About Amelia Weinreb

Amelia is an author and academic instructor of Israel Studies. She currently lives in Jerusalem, where she teaches.


brand board with colors, fonts, image style, and button style for Amelia Weinreb's website


We spent some time discussing how Amelia wanted to present herself online through her website. I researched competitors that she gave me as well as others in the industry to get a feel for the current trends in academic author branding. We worked out a style tile with colors inspired by her books, and images for her website.

She needed a landing page for her new book release, so I only used colors that were similar to that book. The hero image was created to subtly echo her book cover and we included the book’s preface and information on bulk and pre-ordering. The live website can be seen at

Style Tile

style tile for Amelia Wienreb's site that shows the hero image, books, colors, and font styles

Home Page Before

While Amelia wanted colors that matched her books, she wasn’t happy with the use of them. She chose not to continue with her designer because they weren’t on the same page with how she wanted her website to look, and how she wanted the information to be presented.

Previous home page with a bright purple background, orange banner, red footer, and navy blue header

Home Page After

To get to the heart of how Amelia wanted her site to look, we discussed her work and inspiration sites. She has different audiences coming to her site, so that also needed to be accounted for. The end result was a proper home page with plenty of information available on the first page, and links so that visitors could dive deeper into the other pages.

Home page after with lots of white space and gold and deep purple colors for different sections

Book Landing Page Before

Minimal information was included in the first “landing” page. It was essentially just another page on her site.

original book launch page without much information

Book Landing Page After

I added more information for her book to a landing page. In this version, a mock-up of her book was used until I could add the preface to a scrolling element. For the hero background, I created a simple design that echoed the buildings on her book cover.

Landing Page for Israel Studies by Amelia Weinreb

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