Hatch Midwifery Visual Identity


  • A proper logo and a visual identity for a midwifery business.
  • Clean but playful, family-centered, nurturing, and nature were some keywords that guided her brand creation.


  • The discovery call determined that the identity should reflect some of that playfulness of children, but in a more sophisticated way that really speaks more to the adults going through the experience of childbirth.
  • Competitor research to ensure logo and identity are unique.
  • Visual research and lots of sketching potential logos.
  • Three logos were presented that fit the brief, and one was chosen for refinement.
  • The logo was to have more of a hand drawn, organic feel.


  • A unique logo and visual identity that feels organic, friendly, and optimistic.
Business card mockup with Hatch Midwifery logo
About Hatch Midwifery

Kelly Wong McGrath of Hatch Midwifery is a friendly and caring midwife. Her business is focused on personalized midwifery care and group education and support. She chose the name Hatch because having a baby is like hatching a whole new world for the parents, extended family members, and everyone involved. You can find out more about her and see how her brand guidelines were implemented by her web designer at hatchmidwifery.com


Flat lay mockup of 9 social media posts


We spent a lot of time diving into Kelly’s business and determining the proper look and feel that would represent her business. She returned a completed Brand Clarity Workbook that is designed to give me a clear understanding of her business and clients. I researched competitors that she gave me as well as others in the industry to get a feel for the current trends in midwifery and other birth centers. After sketching lots of potential logos (as well as vectorizing one of her sketch ideas), I chose three to present. She went with one of the concepts I created, and I then refined the chosen concept.

She needed a FaceBook cover and a set of social media templates to make sure it was as easy as possible for her to create posts that looked like her brand. Brand guidelines were created to pass off to her web designer and to ensure the consistency of her visual brand moving forward. I also created some icons with a rougher hand drawn look, and added more visual elements to define her visual identity.

Social Header

Hatch Midwifery Facebook cover image with logo, abstract and botanical shapes in shades of green and gold

Style Tile

tablet mockup of a style tile with branding colors, fonts, and layout examples

Brand Guidelines

flat lay mockup of digital brand guidelines

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