Willow Photography Concept Design


  • To create a concept branding design project for a lifestyle photographer.
  • Create a logo and visual identity.
  • Design and create digital advertisements for use in social media campaigns.
  • Design marketing collateral.


  • Research competitors to make sure “Willow Photography” stood out, but was still in line with established expectations for the lifestyle photographer industry.
  • Wanted to create a more organic brand that vibes with family, nature, and the outdoors.
  • For the icon, I created a slightly imperfect shape to look a little more organic and represent some of the natural feel for this imagined brand.
  • Designed examples of ads and designs to be used in social media campaigns as well as printed marketing collateral that are in line with the visual identity.


  • A cohesive visual identity and examples of marketing campaigns and collateral.
Mockup of printed pricing sheet
About Willow Photography

Willow Photography is an imagined brand using the name of a fictional Buffy character, Willow Rosenberg. I wanted this brand to represent a female lifestyle photographer focused on capturing images of family, friends, and the natural world.


branding board for Willow Photography that shows logos, typography, colors, and photography style


Researched multiple lifestyle photographers across the US to get a feel for the various styles of photography and their branding and visual identities. I used a fictional character to establish the personality of this imaginary client and used that to determine a potential direction for the desired visual identity.

After determining the client and client base, I developed a brand that felt more natural, organic, and authentic. I used this as a guidepost to design the marketing collateral and digital ads.

Business Cards

business cards for Willow Photography with a pink block and brown text on a cream colored card

FaceBook Cover and Posts

WILLOW photo Facebook Cover Image of two girls behind wooden cameras
FaceBook Ads

Digital Ads

Willow Photo Digital Ads

Animated Ad

Animated Ad for Willow Photo ad slowly zooms in on a girl in a dance pose

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